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7 notes December 27, 2011
Message to Sly

So I yesterday watched the video of slyfox being on tumblr and I was really suprised that he was here…I mean I’m not here that long myself, but barely anyone knows tumblr. anyways I started following him today. And I got a message for him.

If you’re out there (“out there in the vast emptiness of space” XD … excuse I should stay srs) listen to this sly: I know everyone and his mother is doing this right now, because this game just came out, but you should really, seriously so Saints Row The Third. I think with all the humor and customisation this game would be the perfect game for you and you and your viewers aka. every homie would ahve lots of fun.

I played it myself AND watched the videos of spoon and nova and the oe of seamus and diction. so I highly recommend you doing this.

Well then: Have a nice day sly…oh yeah and everyone else have a nice day, too.

Yeah, I think that’s about it.

-Cakeplant, master of nonsense